“We cannot recommend Beam Customs and Renovations enough.  For years we dreamed of remodeling our small, dark kitchen and creating a bright and open space that would serve as a gathering point for our family.  We had the vision and Nick et. al., turned the vision into reality.  This was our first major remodel and we heard horror story after horror story from our friends about their experiences with general contractors.  After interviewing multiple contractors, my husband and I chose Nick because something just felt right.  So glad we went with our gut.  Nick was extremely responsive, visible, and diligent in making sure we got the kitchen expansion we wanted.  He talked me through my momentary panics that I made the wrong choice, and steered us in the right direction when we headed down the wrong path.  I have very specific style tastes, and Nick quickly attuned himself to my likes and dislikes and made it happen.  My husband, having practiced construction defect law, was worst case scenario guy.  He now recommends Nick to anyone thinking of a home remodel.  So, yeah, go with Beam Customs & Renovation.  You will not be disappointed.”

“We met Nick towards the beginning of our extensive home renovation. He came in after a series of people before him and seamlessly took over the entire project, organized, and streamlined the whole renovation process. Being that there were a few bumps in the road beforehand and we already had a lot on our plate, we were a bit apprehensive initially. We quickly recognized that Nick was very knowledgeable, professional, and very very personable. Nick quickly made us feel comfortable and at ease, and we trusted him on all of his advice and decisions. My husband and I loved working with Nick because he made the renovation process so easy. And for anybody who has been through a renovation before, you know it is nowhere near easy. So for us to say he made it easy, is a HUGE accomplishment to put under his belt. Nick quickly explained everything to us and always made himself available for any questions we had or anything that needed to be remedied. We couldn’t imagine working with anyone better. He helped make our dream home possible and is truly an outstanding professional. We look forward to our next project with Nick and think that there is nobody more personable, trusting, and knowledgeable than him. I highly recommend him to anybody I know.”
West Hill Residents

“Nick Beam supervised the building of our house after a total loss in a fire.  He was able to break down what was a very complicated situation on the surface to its component parts and help us work through each part in a methodical fashion.  Designing a house, choosing all fo the finishes, and watching it come together can seem very daunting, but Nick helped us to understand the process and our final product is amazing.

His professionalism was always on display, whether it was working with permitters and inspectors, vendors, or with the vast number of subcontractors that were used for our project.  We quickly became aware that the relationships with subcontractors is of prime importance when working on a complicated project.  They are the ones bringing the skills that really impact the quality and the finish of the project.  His personal relationships with many of the subcontractors was clearly on display as he treated everyone with respect on our job site.  He took the time to learn and care about the family members of many of the workers that he supervised, which translated into a respectful environment.

Nick was very organized, always taking notes of what we wanted and how we wanted to accomplish things.  He was always very prompt to scheduled meetings at vendors and on the job site so we never felt like our time was wasted.  He was also prompt in returning phone calls, emails, and text messages to answer our questions.

Over the project time, I got to know Nick on a personal basis as well.  We traded many stories and tips of our outdoor adventures.  We learned about each others families, and often had debates on current events.”

Bobby B